Sarah and Kevin Woodworth

Sarah and Kevin Woodworth

I ran across this couple 5 years ago at HKC Show on Oahu. (My My how time flys!).   I was showing my pugs and Sarah and Kevin where ringside watching us.  Sarah in particular at that time was just overall interested in pugs and had two.  It was apparent to me at our first conversation that this couple really enjoyed the dog show scene and more importantly loved pugs. Seems only a short time ago that this wonderful pugful friendship began.  We have had a lot of fun these past years traveling through Hawaii and showing our pugs.  Lots of laughs, hard work, sweating out the $ show/travel budget and of course learning to train, groom and show our pugs. 

Today,  Sarah has owner bred and shown her first pug to its championship sence we met.  Kevin has begun showing pugs as well as his Boston Terrier and is excited about showing dogs in general.   Last but not least Sarah and Kevin have two of Shaolin's pugs.  Sarah has shown Vito to his Grand Championship and "Lujah" to her championship.  We wish this couple well and are convenced ours will be a long friendship in the competative world of showing dogs.  ...particularly our pugs. 

Shaolin Pugs and Temple Gate Pugs work together with the improvement of our breed here in Hawaii as well as in education of the breed in our communities.

We are most excited this fall October 2012 Sarah will be taking Vito to the National Pug Specialty show in San Jose California.  The show is a 5 day show and pugs from all over the world are shown.  Jeff and i will be flying over to watch them and to experience the show in general.  I think what i like most about Kevin and Sarah is their true committment to the Pug Breed and in improvement of the breed. 

Currently this fall i am particularly grateful to this couple for fostering my singleton puppy.  My Bella had one pup.  I sadly sent my pup over to their home for socialization as their bitch Gin has a litter of pug pups.  My little girl fit in perfectly and is having a lot of fun. 

Shaolin Pugs & Temple Gate Pugs work together for the improvement of our breed here in Hawaii.  Ours is an ongoing effort in training, obedience, confirmation, Physical wellbeing and socialization of our beloved pugs.  We learn something new about pugs all the time.  We welcome your questions and will be glad to assist with pug rescue if needed.

This page on my website is dedicated to the pugs of Temple Gate Pugs and to Kevin and Sarah who love them.