Our goal when breeding our beautiful lady pugs is safety first.  Secondly, in following our breeding program our goal is to produce show potential pups.  No effort is spared in development of quality, socialization and health.  There are pet quality pups usually within any given litter.  

 We have no pet pups right now.  If you wish to be considered for next year you will need to complete the question set listed below and e-mail the information to me.

Our last pup produced this year is "Shaoln Hearts on Fire Elvira".  please watch her in 2013.  We believe she has great potential.  Please check out her page on our website.  She is young but we are already collecting pictures. 

Elvira's parents:
CH Tupelo Shoboat Tu China Tu (Boo) X
GrCH Heroncrest Belagio T Shaolin M (Bella)

If you are interested in being considered for one of our pups please send an e-mail briefly providing the following information:
1.  Your name, contact information
2.  address, own, rent, condition of your yard.  fenced/non-fenced.
3.  how long at current address
4.  other animals under your care in your home
5.  experience with pugs or what has peaked your interest in pugs
6.  children, significant other,etc who will be part of the pup's family.
7.  profession & where will your pup be while you are at work.
8.  leisure activities
9. travel & where will your pug be when you travel in the future.
10.  at least 1 reference which we may call on.
11. add photo's of you, your children, pets, home etc.  pictures are always a nice way to get to know you.
12. You are looking for a Show potential pup?  let us know about your experiences.


We are currently taking reservations for pups to be born in 2012.  We hope to have 2 litters in 2012.  All litters will  be Champion bred. 
All of our pugs regardless of age come to you with a health garantee, updated shots, microchip and AKC registration. 


Three options available at Shaoln in attaining a pup: 
*Please don't call or e-mail for a price quote.   Our pups of all qualities are reasonably priced but quotations are not discussed until we get to know you & until puppies are born & show potentials are assessed.

1.  Pet Quality Pups  These are pups while exceptional do not meet our breeding/show standards. These pups are all 
sold on spay/neuter contract, and AKC limited registration. These pups can leave their mother and litter mates at 12 weeks of age.  We do not ship our precious pups and require Big Island pickup of any pup.  This is actually a good thing!

2.  Show Potential Pups    These pups are purchased by "show home" families. Dog fanciers that are serious exhibitors
within the show world and ring. These pups can also leave their mum at 12 weeks.  However pups to be shipped internationally
can be shipped at such point that we feel they are physically and emotionally capable to take the trip with the least stress.  International
requests for our pups are considered on a case by case basis.  . 

3.  Foster Home Pups     These pups are not sold, and have the prospect of show potential.  Rather appropriate homes are
found for our pups as a "forever Foster Home".  We live in a regular family household without kenneled dogs.  Our pugs 
live in our home.  We prefer to have some loving foster family for some of our present/futrue potential show pugs.
After all we only have so much room on the couch for the pugs.  Commonly show folks are given the best
prospects (puppies) kept back to develop and train to see if they will eventually fit into the breeding program and show ring.
The way our program works is: I place my "pick of the litter" pups in approved foster homes. The pug lives in
these homes for their entire lives.  The dog/bitch would occasionally come back to us for a short time so we can
compete with them in shows to gain their AKC title. In addition the bitches would come back to us to be bred
to only approved males, and have puppies; only if she is chosen for our breeding program. We utilize this program
because it is our fervent belief that a pug best lives up to their full potential when given the appropriate amount
of personal space, attention, love, and care.  Interested families can e-mail me with their information and questions.
This program is not for everyone.  The first pre-requisite is that the family must live either on the Big Island or on Oahu.
To enquire on the above options,  contact us at

Thank You




Pet pups will be sold on a spay/neuter contract. Our primary goal is to breed tempermentally and genetically sound Pugs.

We would love to hear from you about your interest in a potential show or a pet pup. Our puppies go to their new homes at 12 weeks old rather then 8 weeks. Toy breeds tend to do better when socialized with their littermates after being weaned.  By providing our puppies with the additional time to learn social skills from the pack, it will allow your puppy to arrive at your home fully ready to acclimate to your family and your "pack". During the additional month that we have your puppy we will continue house training education as well as other basic puppy training. 

Your new puppies registered name has been assigned prior to birth by us, but we encourage you to pick the call name.

Bella & Boo Pup 2012 (Elvira)

Bella and Bosco's Pups 2011

Bonnie & Bosco Pups 2011

Pet versus Show pups