2010 SUMMARY:  Bonnie had her pups. three show potential pups/2 pet quality...all to good homes.  I kept Jada (Shaolin's Jade Dragon) for my 2011 star.  Bella came to the US and got her American title in 3 weekends.  Currently Bella is sitting on 19 GCH points.  Mom's for 2011 breeding plan are Bonnie and Bella.  We are excited about upcoming 2011 and our show plans.  We have our fingers crossed for Northern California shows next fall showcasing our best.

MARCH 3, 2010 UPDATE: Bonnie's pups are now 23 days old weighing in between 27 and 30oz. beautiful pups with big heads and short bodies. There are some new born shots of them on the puppy page. i have not completed updated photo's currently due to the condition of my camera. But stay tuned. We just love each of them. Although still early we are considering show homes only for this exceptional international litter. 

FEBRUARY 15, 2010: . What a win! We are all exhausted from the show. This was a 3 day show. Sarah Woodworth's JinJin (daughter of Shackie) won 6 points toward her title. She took Winners Bitch Saturaday and Monday. Sunday she took Breed.

UPDATE FEBRUARY 10, 2010: This update is actually being added after the fact. Miss Bonnie had her babies. Bonnie has 5 beautiful, healthy pups. Please check the puppy page for photo's.

UPDATE FEBRUARY 5, 2010: Bonnie went to the vet today. Examination and x-rays later...Miss Bonnie has for sure 6 pups in there and possibly 7. the 7th pup could be shadowed on the xray. Further, our vet reports that the xray shows that the pelvic outlet is larger than any of the pups heads which is a good thing. Xrays also show that all pups appear to be uniform in size. no runts or giants. Vet also says that based on the xrays there is no reason Bonnie can not whelp all these pups. Dr. also stated that given that the last pup from the past stillborn whelping was over 9 ounces and if she could deliver that pup she would have not problem with these. This information puts me at ease. Jeff will be setting up the web cam tonight. I will be laying out all my tools. Miss Bonnie watches me constantly. I believe we are about ready. Jeff and i are both very excited as we dearly love this dog and want all to go well for her.

UPDATE FEBRUARY 2010: As of 2-3-2010 our Miss Bonnie is 50 days very pregnant. Her abdominal girth has now exceeds 26". Bonnie seems very thoughtful and tired and is with me always now. I ordered a doppler and am comfortable using it. It appears Bonnie has 3 pups on the right horn and 2 on the left. We shall soon know for sure how many. Whelping kit is ready but for a couple things i am picking up tomorrow. Bonnie's puppy baby home is now set up and she sleeps in it nightly. My home office has been moved to the dog house so i can work and watch Bonnie and babies. Bonnie is scheduled for xray next Monday to confirm number and size of pups. This is being done as a precaution as we have every reason to believe she will whelp vaginally.

TOTALLY COOL UPDATE JANUARY 2010: As of 1-16-10 Miss Bonnie is 32 days pregnant. She is very obviously pregnant with a new stomach girth of 23 1/2". . We are doing all the right things. Excercise, proper diet, lots of loving and nightly tummy rubs. Bonnie tells me she is a little scared. I told her i would be right there with her. Next week: we will be setting up the puppy pen so Bonnie can go ahead and start sleeping in it. We are reading, reviewing the whelping list and thinking of great Bosco/Bonnie baby names. Kevin put the new door in the dog house this past week and Mark spread the gravels in the yard evenly in prep for the top dirt. Mario will be flying over for the births as well as a 3 day dog show the very weekend Bonnie is due. The webcam will be set up after Mario gets here as i am rather illiterate about that sort of thing. We are hoping to maybe send out photo's after the births. Due to this website Miss Bonnie has friends all over the world. Saudi Arabia, Russian Federation, Canada, thailand, Sweden, India, Africa, Germany, Switerland, Greece, South America, Mexico, Australia, Japan and of course China. Jeff and I are humbled.
**stay tuned** The doppler has arrived!!! We will wait until the 37th day before trying to check out heart beats.



December 2009 update: Sweet Miss Bonnie has been bred to Bosco this month. We thank Mario Legnaro (Bosco's owner) and family for taking such kind professional care of Bonnie while our little girly girl visited with Bosco.
December 2009 update:
We just received exciting news about Shackie today! Ilio Magazine has rated our CH. Saxten Shackelton aka: Shackie as the # 1 Pug in Hawaii for 2009. I can't wait to tell Richard & Anne his breeders in Tasmania.! Hooray for Shackie Boy!

December 2009 update: Check out her pedigree now posted on CA. CH. Heroncrests Bellagio to Shaolin, AKA "Bella"s page. Sire AM. CH. Tupelo P'Nash Razzle Dazzle M.

December 2009 update: 12-06-09 AM. CH. Boletini Bizzy Pug, CD AKA "Shang" was awarded 1st Place Novice B at HOTC AKC Obedience trial in Hilo. This is the 1st of 3 legs required on Shangs 1st obedience title.

November 2009 update: 11-8-09 one of Shackie's 4 month old pups (Woodworth's Jin and Tonic) got Best in Show and Best Puppy in Show at the Hilo Fun Match.. She has an excellent gait and is extremely happy with the show world. Sarah Woodworth handled her own dog. We wish to congratulate Sarah, Kevin and JinJin.

October 2009 updates: All of our Boys now have their Championship titles.
AM. CH. Saxten Shackelton AKA "Shackie" received his title on 10-3-09,
AM. CH. Saxten Shackelton 10-4-09. Group 1 today in Hilo.

August 2009 updates: Both of our girls got their Championship titles this month.
Am. CH. Saxten Bonica aka "Bonnie" received her American Title on 8-15-09 in Honolulu, Hawaii.
Ca. CH. Heroncrest Bellagio to Shaolin aka "Bella" received her Canadian Title 8-28-09. On the same day Bella also got Best Puppy at the Canadian Pug Specialty Show at Long Sault, Ontario, Canada. Bella is 8 months old.

Orchid Island Dog Fancier Club Feb 14,15,16 2009

Bonnie received on: 15 Feb 2009
WB, BOW, and BOS - for a 3 Point Major, under respected Judge: Dr. Robert D. Smith

Bonnie received on: Feb 16 2009
WB, BOS - for another 3 point Major, under respected Judge: Mrs. Robert D. Smith - Bonnie now holds (X4 -3 point majors),
and now sits on 12 points towards her AM/CH.

Shang recieved on: Feb 14, and 15 2009
BEST OF BREED - under respected Judges: Mrs. Donna M. Cole, and Dr. Robert D. Smith ***Way To Go Shang***

Hawaiian Kennel Club Feb 28/March 01 2009

Shackie recived on: Feb 28/March 01 2009
BEST OF BREED - under respected Judges: Mrs. Debbie Campbell, and Mrs. Vicki L. Abbot. *** Way to Go Shackie***

Bonnie   Bosco
Bonnie and Bosco's pup's where born on 2-10-2010. 2 males and 3 females. Bonnie is an American Champion and Bosco is a Canadian Champion going for his dual American Title. Pups from this breeding will be grown out a while to see how they are doing and to determine show potential. Show potential pups will be considered for serious show homes only. Pups not considered show potential will be considered for pet homes with contract. Three show potential pups from this litter are already reserved.

Aiko    Shackie
Aiko and her mom and dad (Sarah and Kevin Woodworth) are great friends of Shaolin Pugs. Aiko has a wonderful personality and was bred to our Shackie in July 09. From this breeding one pup (JinJin) is doing very well in the ring. Momi and JinJin will be showned at the upcoming Hilo show on Feb 13, 14, & 15th. we shall see.



- Bonnie Girl gets her CGC title
November 22, 2008- Saxten Bonica (Bonnie) tested and received her CGC Title. This is impressive for this little girl as she has only been through puppy class and has not even gone through CGC training. At a girl Bonnie Girl! We are proud

October 27, 2008- Our dog club had a Halloween party. Shackie, Bonnie, Terry and Wahine went as frightening werewolf pugs with witch sheppard. The picture is terrible of us all but we had a great time.

- Dec.12&13,2008-AKC Eukanuba Nationals