Lani-Gracie is Bella's daughter born 2-22-2011.     Lani-Gracie has been socialized by  children and is loved by all who meet her.. Gracie is house trained and well socialized.  Gracie has been going to obedience classes and doing well in the class with Zea and his mom.  Gracie is about 1/2 way to her Championship.  Lani-Gracie use to  sleep on my head at night.  This sweet girlie is pictured with her mother and sister Lujah on our home page in several photo's.  Also, Gracie was feature photo'ed with her mom and sister in the July issue of the National magazine "Pug Talk".  Gracie is a beautiful sweet little girl. 

Gracie lives with her beloved family now.  Denise, Gregg and of course Zea.  Zea loves his Gracie.   Currently we are assessing Gracie for ongoing show ability.  I think this pug is going to do better than we even expected. 

Stay tuned.!!!!